5 Crypto Twitter Experts Share Explosive Growth Hacks

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Tips On Growing Your Crypto Twitter Account

The crypto market is sometimes seen as the wild west by the general public. This notion is even more apparent on social media in general and Crypto Twitter in particular.

Every crypto startup and would be influencer is vying for your attention and shilling their latest altcoin, ICO or paid signals group.

If you want to stand above the rest, you'll need a solid digital marketing plan in place. We spoke with dozens of Twitter marketing professionals and the five experts featured below agreed to share their top tips and tricks for growing your following.


1. Richa Joshi, Digital Strategist at Project Hydro

“Giveaways & contests(requires marketing budget for gifts & giveaways) – One of the most effective strategies to grow audience. Build up to a milestone or upcoming announcement using this technique to receive maximum interest.

Use Twitter marketing calendar to create tweets relevant to the upcoming hashtags, for example, 2nd Oct is ‘TechCrunch Disrupt’ which is expected to receive 66 Million Tweet impression, businesses in technology can create content and tweets around using relevant hashtags to ride the trending wave on Twitter.

Use native Twitter features like create a poll question, use different types of multimedia – gif, image, photo, video etc. Twitter Analytics is another great feature to discover your audience interests and behavior.

Retweet news/updates/industry leaders in your niche. Add a Call to Action (CTR) in your tweets e.g. Tell us what you think, Read more etc.

Treat your Twitter followers as your brand advocates. Sometimes having a nickname may be a good idea, for example, Beliebers (Justin Beibers followers).”

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2. Aaina Bajaj, Digital Marketing Specialist at Signity Solutions

“My #1 tip for Growing Twitter following in Crypto Niche is sharing the content related to the latest advancements, trends, and news for the crypto niche. There is a lot happening every day in the crypto niche. Here are a few more tips:

  • Analyze your tweets insights and share the tweets when your audience is active.
  • Take part in Twitter chats related to crypto niche.
  • Share other people content and tag them.
  • Leverage and optimize your hashtags.
  • Vary the type of content you are tweeting. For example, one day it can be an interesting fact and the other day it can be the latest news.
  • Link out with the influencers in the crypto field. You can use Buzzsumo for this.
  • Embed tweets in your blog. You can even add a follow and share Twitter button on your blog.
  • Use paid ads for your targeted audience. The audience who is interested in your niche and your tweets.

Bottom Line: Growing a Twitter following takes time and effort. But, with consistent efforts and right techniques, it can be achieved.”

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3. Mack Falstein, Communications Director at Aevolve

“When it comes to social media and personal branding, (and yes everyone is a brand, especially online), I see far too many brands lose sight of a rule that's just common sense: People don't follow you because they want more advertisements and irrelevant information, they follow because they identify with your message, focus, values.

Sure, news and announcements can be Twitter-worthy, but “It's hot today, why not cool off with a [insert cold product]” is not a call to action, it's a call to unfollow.

The crypto community is an incredibly supportive one, however, it isn't willing to hear about how groundbreaking, revolutionary, and cutting edge your latest innovation is. They want to follow knowledgable people, analyzing an industry that they don't have time to scrutinize themselves. Earn their trust by having an opinion, but ensuring it's backed with fact.

Another important quality of a successful Crypto-Twitter influencer is to engage with your audience and the community. I love seeing an influencer Tweet with the comments of journalists and figures I know weighing in right there for all to see. Respond to your fans, ask their opinions, engage them.

Lastly, always make the end goal credibility. In this space, credibility is hard to come by. It's an emerging technology with a high rate of criminality and speculation and thus it's become weary of those who don't know what they're talking about, so again, have evidence to support your claims.

*Bonus tip* If you're a decent writer do a little PR for yourself and submit some writing to publications as a contributor or freelancer, make sure to include your handle as well and you just might earn yourself some instant credibility.”

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4. Anne Szustek Talbot, Director of Content at BX3 Capital

“My first bit of advice to a crypto-sector social media manager looking to build out quality Twitter content is a tip that applies across sectors: emphasize quality over quantity. Do a bit of research and seek out the key thought leaders and influencers. Journalists, bloggers, and podcasters covering the crypto and blockchain space are a natural start, as you—or your colleagues on the PR side of things—will want to have their ear as you look to build out your brand’s messaging. Follow them. Retweet their posts. Interact with them, offering useful insight. Show how your account adds value to the general conversation on cryptocurrency. Then, seek out with whom those influencers are interacting, and reach out to them with the same course of action.

Meanwhile, be sure to Tweet out content that is relevant to the day’s news and trends. When planning out social media content, keep the following question in the back of your mind: “How does this comment better the world?” Be sure to get a good mix of self-branded content versus Tweeting content from across the crypto world. It’s natural to want to trumpet the good work your firm—or your personal witty insight—but constant self-touting posts are self-defeating. Ever been out with someone who barely asks any questions? Endless self-promotion is the social media equivalent thereof. (A less complimentary person might even say that’s Instagram.) Have some evergreen content on hand to follow common hashtags—hats off to you if you can find #ThrowbackThursday cryptocurrency content, for example.

Buying thousands of Twitter followers will give you the immediate appearance of wielding influence; true Twitter users know better. Building out a solid Twitter following takes time. The crypto world is closely knit. First impressions are key. Find and cultivate an authentic voice, and users will want to sit down to learn more.”

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5. Borko Naumovski of WeLoveSkopje

“Do not underestimate the power of giveaways (HOWEVER small it is). It works especially well in crypto, considering the fact 99% of people are financially motivated. Give them a small amount in exchange for liking or sharing. You'll be surprised at the effectiveness.”

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