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2019 Altcoin Outlook: Where Do We Go From Here?

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2019 Altcoin Outlook

With Bitcoin Soaring Will Altcoins Follow Along For The Ride? Is the crypto bear market over? With Bitcoin rebounding over the past couple of months it certainly seems so. During the last bull run, there were some incredible 10X and higher moves by a wide variety of altcoins. Will we...

5 Crypto Twitter Experts Share Explosive Growth Hacks

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Tips On Growing Your Crypto Twitter Account The crypto market is sometimes seen as the wild west by the general public. This notion is even more apparent on social media in general and Crypto Twitter in particular. Every crypto startup and would be influencer is vying for your attention and...

Testing Your Web Browser for Cryptojacking

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Cryptojacking or cryptocurrency mining is the covert use of your computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing unit (GPU) to mine for cryptocurrency. With the rise of cryptocurrency, cryptojacking has become very popular and many websites employ the use of scripts to use your computing device to mine for...