Best Cryptocurrency Bet in 2019 for Massive Returns?

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2019 Altcoin 10X Returns

Which Altcoins Are A Good Bet For 10X Returns?

In our last article we discussed whether or not Altcoins will follow the upwards trend of Bitcoin in 2019. Most crypto pros we spoke with agreed that they would – that we were headed for an Altcoin bull run same as last time.

This time we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out exactly which Altcoins these same crypto pros were betting on for huge returns in 2019 and beyond. Here are six good bets to look into before they take off. As always, do your own research before investing any money.


1. Tony DeGennaro, Business Development, Dragon Social

“Honestly this might be an unpopular opinion but FToken is looking pretty promising. Fcoin has made a large amount of changes to their trans fee mining model and the token has seen almost a 600% increase over the last few months. I think if they can get people back on the platform and the word out about their new model we might see a resurgence for last year's black sheep exchange.”

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2. Joe Bailey, Operations Manager, My Trading Skills

“I think that Stellar Lumens (XLM) could have an, ahem, stellar year. It is still valued pretty low but has some factors in its favor. The man behind it (Jed McCaleb) was also behind Ripple (XRP) and the two currencies have a lot in common in terms of their tech. They both offer fast, worldwide payment systems although Ripple has more of a focus on bank remittances. Key partnerships with Stripe, Deloitte,and the Wanxiang Group could help it to break its key resistance level and really take off.”

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3. Chris Castiglione, Founder, One Month

“This week Blockstack announced an SEC Filing for a $50 million round. It's the first token to be SEC-qualified, and I think that without a doubt it's the most interesting alt coin of 2019.

What's Blockstack? Blockstack is creating the new internet — a way for you to visit sites like Facbook and Google while retaining ownership of your private data. It's the company that Pied Piper is based on in Silicon Valley (this is literally true, and the founders were advisers for the show). Blockstack has already raised $50 million in their ICO in 2017, and investors include Albert Wanger at Union Square Ventures, Y Combinator, Lux Capital, and Naval Ravikant.”

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4. Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, CEO & Founder, Konfidio

“2019 has been a really dynamic year in terms of what we think can lead to value creation. Whether it was Binance coin’s uprise on the back of its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) Launchpad including its plans for a decentralised exchange, or Bitcoin SV’s recent turmoil with regarding to its delisting from Kraken or Binance.

Investments need to be contextualised along three axes.

  1. Long term holds versus short term trading.
  2. The ability to move in and out of asset classes depending on cycles
  3. New projects, for Kintaro either regulated VFAs or STOs.

Three Core themes drive our long term decisions in 2019:

  • One is the business model/use-case. Which business problems will be solved in the short term and how will industries be disrupted in the long term
  • The second is corporate governance and team ethics. We are paranoid about founders and leadership teams who have been part of explicit scams and investor deception in the past. We also favor leadership teams who are committed to using the blockchain to disintermediate economic power structures.
  • Here I would also like to like to emphasize on the importance of efficiently and effectively implementing technology changes into the ecosystem.

The coin which is on top of my list in terms of these criteria is Stellar.

Stellar seems to be excellently placed as a solution for financial inclusion. You ask whether it’s tech, fomo or hype. The hype and fomo are behavioral finance parameters and are driven by sentiment. It takes a dedicated research team to distinguish the hype of BitConnect & Iota from serious projects like Ripple, Stellar & Cardano.

In the case of Stellar, it offers a worldwide consensus mechanism enabling highly secure and fast international transactions. That is a use-case which enables highly secure, cheap ($1/1,000,000 per transaction) and real-time (3-5 seconds) cross-border transactions. That’s a $49.9 billion impact in cost-savings in cross-border transactions through the Stellar platform. Thus, it benefits the poor and the rich equally ,leveling access, which is in line with the philosophy of the blockchain.

In terms of governance, Stellar has a highly technologically driven team with highly-experienced software engineers. Jed McCaleb and Dr. Barry are at the helm of things, stewarding Stellar towards development on the back of their immense experience in software development. Even though IBM is betting heavily on Hyperledger, which we in Kintaro call the ‘centralised pseudo-ledger', someone at IBM has been clever enough to bet on decentralisation in the form of Stellar based World Wire. We are not sure about 10x in 2019, we remain cautiously optimistic about 25x by 2021.”

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5. Kyle Asman, Capital Partner & Co-Founder, BX3 Capital

“I believe an altcoin such as BNB has the best chance for 10X returns. Although it is considered a utility token, its value increases along with the success of its exchange Binance. As Binance continues to thrive and push revenues higher, so too will the value of its token. There are no signs of Binance slowing down anytime soon.”

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6. Martin Weiss, Founder, Weiss Crypto Ratings

“Altcoins with the best chance of a 10x returns are those that have a Weiss Tech/Adoption Grade of B+ or higher.

For the latest list, go to Weiss Crypto Ratings, then sort by Tech/Adoption Grade (5th column).

Many of these are still trading 80% to 90% below their all-time highs. So they are all prime candidates for 10x returns or more in a bull market that carries them back to those levels.

Hype and FOMO may help drive temporary price spurts. But to achieve the sustainable price appreciation needed to carry them back to prior highs, they will need superior technology and broad adoption.”

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