Telegram: Scammer’s Paradise or Legit Marketing Tool?

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Is it Worth it for Crypto Related Companies to Invest Time in Building a Telegram Community?

Some view Telegram as a viable marketing platform to help grow your sphere of influence within the crypto community. Others point out that it's become known as the realm of scammers shilling their pump groups and paid signals. The truth is somewhere in the middle as is usually the case.

We spoke with dozens of digital marketing agencies such as MAXPlaces and financial experts such as Lend My Biz along with other crypto marketing wizards to get their take on the matter. The 8 experts below share their advice on how one should best use Telegram to provide real value to their followers…


1. Adam Grist, CEO of Searched

“The issue with Telegram, rather than being all about scams, is that it's a real time chat tool. This means value is lost quickly and has a shorter life span than even Twitter – where endless scrolling fuels procrastination. The larger the community, the less quality and visibility a team can provide. Discord is a better suited solution for example, where the conversation can at least be segmented better into channels.

Crypto is an industry of followers, particularly when it comes to marketing and Telegram, along with Medium, have surged as the go to community platforms, with little long term value added to brand or user as a result. Telegram communities have failed to take products to market in the way crypto companies claimed they would and this has left the entire industry in no mans land where they have to invest time and resources in managing communities that are no increasing adoption of their technology, rather than better utilising budgets on market entry.”

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2. Matt Harding, Head of Blockchain Marketing for Zage

“Though not the largest social media platform, Telegram is a great stronghold of crypto investors and enthusiasts, so for reaching a targeted audience, it needs to be part of your public presence. The advantage of the platform is the question and answer format — that works best when your Telegram channel is staffed and active, preferably with 24×7 coverage. Since Telegram takes on the quality of a conversation, it can be a great way to convert supporters but blockchain startups shouldn't underestimate the value of providing direct access to leadership. Ideally, staff your Telegram with around-the-clock coverage and provide regular appearances by leadership from your project, answering questions and discussing the project with your potential investors.”

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3. Victoria Davies, Director of Marketing & Communications for Element Zero

“When the market was high, Telegram was the chosen app for most projects that needed a way to interface with prospective investors. It is useful in a community sense because it is people-powered; a place where anyone with an interest in a project could congregate and discuss. Crypto is all about ecosystems; no one wants to exist in a bubble. People want to foster two-way interactions.

How does one stay protected in this ecosystem? It is important to take care when utilizing this platform. The ways to stay protected include never taking action based on a Telegram ID, do not share passwords, do not send funds to anyone on Telegram and finally, always use the source for financial transactions.

During the market high, Telegram DID indeed become a fertile ground for scammers preying on those that were too trusting or didn't understand the technology sufficiently. It is sadly very simple to set up a fake persona; for instance, there have been a few of me on the app. To avoid falling prey, change your profile regularly, giving the scammers very little to steal.

Finally, to go back to my first point about developing dialogue and conversations, people only really used Telegram as a fundraising tool, when they should have seen it as a long-term community tool. During fundraising, it supports that community, yet there was no transition beyond that time period. It was rare that projects were using it as a long-term tool. I do believe that would have made a big difference in making it less appealing to the opportunistic ‘bad actors’.”

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4. Alex Goldberg of

“Telegram can absolutely be used to grow influence and spread awareness for a crypto project. Typically there are three kinds of people in crypto channels: technologists, speculative investors, and novices trying to wrap their heads around blockchain. The challenge facing any crypto enthusiast launching a Telegram is maintaining engagement over time, since the hype for any crypto project will inevitably dissipate, as well creating a community that is engaging for all three of those separate personas..

If you are trying to market to one or more of these three groups, then joining active telegram channels, posting regularly, and answering questions are fantastic strategies. I personally have acquired clients for this way. Just know that timing is everything. Inserting yourself into the conversation when a project is hitting a critical mass, you can absolutely drive traffic to your own offering, service, or Telegram community.”

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5. Owen Cook,Founder of BlockchainSEO

“Unfortunately, Telegram has morphed into a social media marketing platform that very much embodies the mantra “quantity over quality.” Early stage blockchain projects are approaching Telegram with a hope that if you fire enough bullets, something's going to stick. Telegram users however; are not typically the demographic who actually genuinely engage with a project/platform, as most are either force added, or drawn to a group under the pretenses of a “handout” (ex. giveaway, airdrop, etc…). Due to the artificial nature of the interactions, we'd generally recommend blockchain projects focus on true user intent and start building their campaign and online presence organically – which simply can be done through creating constructive and comprehensive content.

A second fundamental problem with Telegram groups is that a good portion are run by outsourced marketing teams, who often boast a very rudimentary understanding of the project, are significantly disconnected from actual communication channels, and are generally not native speakers in the language a project is hoping to target. This often leads to a muddled message, a backlog of questions, and users feeling slighted by slow and cursory responses. I'd recommend ditching these Telegram and social media marketing agencies/chat bots, and instead focusing on genuine and knowledgeable interaction with users.. And, if that means compiling questions and having a team member answer them once a week in chat, then so be it. Genuine interaction, even if once a week, trumps one thousand superficial communications every day.”

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6. Ricki Allardice, Project Manager of UBU

“Telegram offers a number of unique benefits to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts that other social media platforms simply do not. Firstly, Telegram allows for broadcast channels, i.e., news, alerts and opinion pieces to be distributed directly to the mobile devices of subscribers. Competitor apps such as WhatsApp, have not yet managed to produce a feature that works as well as this. Secondly, end-to-end encryption is something that Telegram is centred around. Most crypto enthusiasts are very aware of their privacy, and Telegram ticks this box by being a privacy-centric app. As with any form of social media, scams and misleading groups abound, particularly in the crypto space. This is not the fault of Telegram, but rather the nature of the beast. The utility that Telegram provides far outweighs these negative issues.”

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7. Anne Szustek Talbot, Director of Content Marketing for BX3 Capital

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Telegram is the domain of crypto scammers. I subscribe to a few Telegram channels for crypto news and events; they’re a handy way to keep debriefed on what’s going on in the sector without my e-mail inbox getting cluttered. It’s on these very news channels themselves where scammers try to work. Community managers are left having to suss out which members are legit participants and which are there simply to shill a dodgy airdrop or exchange. Beyond preying on the naïve, since Telegram community managers have to spend time editing out these posts, scammers impede the flow of free content.”

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